Monday, May 12, 2008

Bastrop Texas -- Who Knew?

Mr. FC had to go to a few days of continuing education classes at close to Bastrop, Texas last week, so I went too. Bastrop is about 25 miles southeast of Austin. I have lived in Texas most of my life and lived in Austin for several years but had never been to Bastrop before this trip. What a pleasant surprise. Unlike some small towns whose downtown areas have been deserted in favor of strip malls, Bastrop has an active downtown with a charming main street, several intriguing shops, and some really good restaurants and cafes. I loved driving around looking at some of the older homes -- beautiful big front porches, flowers everywhere, and all so -- well -- homey looking. Everyone we met was so friendly and warm. We can't wait to go back. Oh, and in one of the shops, someone told us that Julia Roberts had recently been in the area making a movie called "Fireflies in the Garden" -- kind of an interesting coincidence?

The pictures below are of a little antique shop called 'Apothocary's Hall'.




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Isn't the apron in the window a cute way to hide a not so great view?

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We ate breakfast at this little place -- The Green Chai Cafe -- great cafe au lait, cinnamon scones and croissant egg sandwiches. The view is so lovely -- right on the Colorado river with the old iron bridge.



This is just one of the many pretty houses we saw as we drove around town. Don't you just want to go sit on that porch with a cool beverage?

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I hope we get to visit here again someday!

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