Sunday, May 25, 2008

Farmer's Market

I'm back in West Texas, and one of the things I like about this little town is the farmer's market that's open every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday morning May through August. You've got to be there by about 7:00 a.m. if you want to get the good stuff like peaches, homegrown tomatoes, and blackeyed peas. It's still a little too early in the season for any of those things yet, but I did get the very last pecan pie that the famous pie man makes and sells every Saturday. These could be the best pecan pies I've ever had -- and I've eaten a lot of pecan pies over the years, and can you believe $7.50? I'm not sure you could buy just the pecans for that anywhere else.

I also found some purple and white turnips. Okay, I know a lot of people don't like turnips, but they are really so good with butter, salt, pepper and a dash of sugar -- yes just a little sugar makes all the difference. I like to simmer them in a little salted water until tender, drain off the water, then kind of smash them up with a fork, add butter, season and serve.
Can you see those little metal things next to canister in the background? They're French egg poachers. I found them online the other day when I was looking for just a plain old vanilla egg poacher. They're just so French looking aren't they? I haven't tried them yet, but will get back to you when I do. We love poached eggs around here.
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P.S. I took this one last picture of the gardenias blooming in the front yard in East Texas right before I left. There are hundreds of blooms -- all across the front of the house. Aren't they something? I called my girlfriends and told them to please pick as many as they wanted so they wouldn't go to waste.

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Hi Girls -- did you pick some gardenias -- I hope?

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