Tuesday, May 6, 2008

First Hydrangeas

I have to admit I have a few issues with our East Texas home. We live on a lake, so there are lots of bugs, often swampy humidity, and it's 60 miles from the nearest Hobby Lobby, Tuesday Morning, and HEB grocery store. But, as our mothers used to tell us, you have to take the bad with the good, right? Well here's another one of the good things -- hydrangeas -- big, huge, gorgeous, moppy headed, hardy hydrangeas grow like weeds here. This bush grew from a little Mother's Day potted hydrangea that we just plopped in the ground a few years ago. It gets very little attention (actually none) and is just huge now -- at least 6 feet high and wide -- maybe because it's right by the septic tank ;-)?
Anyway, I grew up in West Texas where the only hydrangeas we ever saw came from the florist, so what a luxury to just walk out my front door and find these luscious flowers blooming week after lovely week. Should I stop complaining about the bugs, maybe?
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Here are the very first ones. I couldn't even wait for them to open all the way before I brought some inside to admire. Can you see the raindrops still on the leaves? Thanks again to Tina at Cherry Hill Cottage for sharing the location of these cute little vases (Walmart). I just love them.
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Another good thing is coming soon -- gardenias -- hundreds of them about to bloom. Soon I'll be picking them everyday to scatter around the house -- especially next to the bed where the delicious fragrance will ensure the sweetest dreams.
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