Saturday, May 3, 2008

First Monday at Canton

Oh my goodness! As I was getting dressed to go First Monday in Canton yesterday morning, my husband called and asked if I'd heard from my friends who are camping there this weekend. He said he had just heard that a tornado had blown through and that some RV's had been damaged. I called my friend Annie, one of the campers, and she told me that, indeed, a tornado had briefly touched down right on the camp grounds but they were okay. They had some damage to some of their equipment and one of the RV's (Judy's) had been scooted about a foot from its position. Their canopies had blown into a pile of what looked like pick up sticks (2nd picture). One of the husbands called and suggested they bundle up all the aluminum sticks to sell. I can tell you that idea didn't go over well with the 'Chick Camp' girls ;-). As you can see from the pictures, right next to their campsite (about 15 - 20 feet away) a huge tree was uprooted and blown over. Thankfully it didn't land on an RV. Can you see what looks like a sheet up in the tree above the blue pickup? That's one of the Chick Camper's canopies. All the Dallas TV stations had their news crews there (3rd picture). Anyway, after the storm, the weather was perfect, and First Monday Trade Days was up and running -- business as usual -- lots of people there.

I'll be back with more pictures later to show you some of the great things I found there.

P. S. This is the 'RV' I'd love to cozy up in.

. . . or this one.

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