Sunday, June 1, 2008

In the Gloaming

Remember this scene from the movie, "Howard's End"? I love this movie. In fact, I love almost all Merchant Ivory films -- maybe "Passage to India" not so much -- but most of them.
My little house is not nearly as grand, and my yard isn't as large or as meltingly lush as the gardens and meadows of Howard's End. But, sometimes in the gloaming (love that word ;-), when I'm trailing around in my nightgown wandering and watering in my back yard, I have to confess I feel a little like Ruth Wilcox in this scene where she's oh so very slowly walking through the tall flowers and grasses on the grounds of her family home. You can just feel the love she has for the place and almost sense the presence of lives lived there in the past -- as if the place itself has memory as well and loves her back -- fanciful I guess but -- maybe?

This is my 'Howard's End'

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I love my little back porch even though it's such a conglomeration of odd tables, chairs and 'stuff'; it's safe & cozy.

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Hmmmm, still too hot?

The grass is cool though.

I can't believe I actually have tomatoes. I've never had any luck growing them before -- can't wait to eat one. Can you see the parsley, mint, and sage there too? There's rosemary, thyme, cilantro, dill and tarragon in the bed too, but it doesn't show in this picture. Isn't there something so nice about having all those things right outside your back door when needed?

I planted this plumbago (and another one) a few weeks ago, and it's doing so well. Isn't it pretty? I love the cool blue color.

This is the playhouse in progress. I wish I'd thought to take 'before' pictures. You should have seen it -- nothing buy wire where the doors and window are now -- just a shed really. My neighbor gave me the stones for the little porch, so I'll be working on that more this week. My painter is going to come paint the concrete floor this week too. Don't you love the little door -- maybe we'll paint it blue when the painter comes? The carpenter found it for us at a salvage place -- the windows too. I'll take pics of the inside soon. My grandchildren already like it though -- even in this rustic state. They were in there earlier this morning 'washing' their play dishes while their mom and dad helped me plant roses.

I love my 'tree man'. He watches over things. I found him at Plow & Hearth.

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Sal said...

You do porches soooo well in the US. They are lovely!
I made a similar remark recently on Mary's Blog( Across the Pond ).
Glad I found your blog! Sal ;-)

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