Thursday, May 15, 2008

Lavande -- lavande!

Have you seen "A Good Year"?  Didn't you love it? Remember the scenes of the housekeeper running to rescue various houseguests from scorpions shouting "Lavande, lavande!" Who knew that lavender would keep scorpions away?
Anyway, last night I dreamed about Provence -- a good thing to dream about, right? I could even smell the lavender. Maybe I was dreaming about Provence because about this time last year we were getting ready to go there (and Italy -- sigh). While we were there, we bought a few things that we couldn't really haul around with us for the rest of the trip, so we mailed it all home. In the box were several bottles of lavender oil I found at the great outdoor market in Isle Sur la Sorgue -- the Venice of Provence they say. One of the bottles had leaked a little in transport, so when I opened the box, that distinctive fragrance escaped filling the house. It was kind of magical, as if I'd actually managed to pack up a little of Provence to bring home -- a bit of the soft sweet air, the sunshine -- for a just a day or two, the house was permeated with eau de Provence. What an enchanted place, n'est pas?

This is Isle Sur la Sorgue on market day.

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We stayed in the pool house (and never saw a scorpion!) of a very nice couple, Miriam & Gerard, who own a B & B called La Gavionole. We loved it there -- bien sur. Here is a picture of Miriam playing violin for us and Gerard the night before we left for Italy.

This picture was taken looking out the back door of our little house. Can you see the little Texas flag hanging from the door? They put it there to welcome us -- charming.


This is a view from the terrace behind our house.


This is the view in the other direction. You can see the little village of St. Didier which was about a ten minute walk from our little house. We had fresh bread from the bakery there every morning -- with Miriam's homemade cherry preserves from the trees on their property

These flowers were right outside our back door as well as some tiny little fraises du bois.


We took the oldest grandson (he likes to remain anonymous - don't blame him ;-)) with us, and his passport still hadn't arrived a week before we were supposed to leave. What a panic we were in -- and try getting through that awful menu thing at the passport office. Anyway, I finally (due to desparate prayer I think?) got a real person who actually FedExed it to us. It came the day before we left -- whew! Here he is with 'Grandpa' playing ping pong which they did a lot (and cards too) -- no TV, computer games, etc. -- not a bad thing.


MiMi said...

Oh I can't believe you have actually been there! It's my dream to one day visit. Your pictures are beautiful. Thank you for sharing your story with me. And thanks for visiting my blog!

MiMi said...

Hi! Thanks so much for sharing this with me. It is a dream of mine to visit there one day. And thanks for visiting my blog!

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