Monday, May 5, 2008

Look! Blackberries.

I've never ever before had blackberries growing in my yard. We planted these bushes a couple of years ago, but this is the first year they've actually had berries on them. This is so exciting -- blueberry cobbler, pie, jam -- I can't wait! Sorry my close ups aren't very good, but can you see the tiny little green berries?

And look at this. We thought this little fig tree was dead last summer, so my husband cut it back -- a lot -- but just look how it's come back. It might even produce a couple of figs this year -- maybe? I know, not everyone likes figs, but I do!

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moonlight_fairy said...

Oh wow, soooo cool. We still haven't planted our strawberries or watermelon seeds. Jordan is soooo excited about growing strawberries. Delicioso... We did start sprouting Aster, Cosmos, Forget- me-Nots, Sweet William, and Nasturtium seeds.

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