Wednesday, May 14, 2008

More Flowers

Okay, I know you're probably getting tired of seeing my flowers, but now that they're really blooming, I had to show you just two more pictures -- maybe. Can you see all the colors in the hydrangeas? There's lavender, blue, pink, white -- all on the same bush! The blooms are still a little heavy and floppy from the rain. And the gardenias -- maybe my favorite flower -- they smell so delicious, I almost want to eat them. I'm putting one vase of them in the living room and another by my bed, so I can drift off to sleep at night with that beautiful fragrance close by.


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I almost forgot -- the faux cabbage leaf under the vases came from 'Laurie Anna's Vintage Home' at First Monday. I only got two but like them so much I'd like to get more next month. They would be great place mats too, I think.

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