Friday, May 30, 2008

Ripple Afghan

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Thanks to the inspiration of the amazingly creative Alicia at Posie Gets Cozy (and also my wonderfully creative daughter who introduced me to Alicia's blog along with the blogs of many other great crafters), I started crocheting again after several years. I finished this ripple afghan a couple of months ago, and as you can see from the pictures below, it's already getting well broken in. My extremely adorable little granddaughter Chloe, Miss Bunny, and our little dog Buddy all like scrumbling around on it, as it is scrumptiously soft and snuggly. As you can see here , I shamelessly copied Alicia's. I just love the random assortment of colors she used. It looks so homey and grandmother-ish, but in a good way -- know what I mean? I love this one (you have to scroll way down the page to see it) too by Jane from Yarnstorm. We don't have any yarn shops here, so it was either Walmart or Hobby Lobby for buying yarn. I found everything I used on this afghan at Hobby Lobby -- mostly Vanna White's or other Lion Brand yarns -- all acrylic -- which is okay I guess as it will be washed a lot by the looks of it. And actually, it feels surprisingly soft and not too acrylicy.
I'm working on a granny square afghan now, and I'm loving the way it's turning out. I wanted bright colors (but not too bright) with black edging as I love the cosy kind of Nanny look of these tradtional granny squares. I'll post some pics of it later.


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Eeeuuuwww -- a sloppy dog kiss

Miss Bunny, where did that dog go?!



david santos said...

Hi, Gigi!
Excellent post, good work, nice Baby and nice dog.
Happy week

Jessica said...

I still think that your ripple is the prettiest I've seen!! I like it even better than our original inspiration. Xo

Gigi said...

Thanks Honey! I'm so glad you have it and still like it!

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