Thursday, May 8, 2008

Bubba -- The World's Nicest Cat


This little kitty man is really the nicest cat in the world. I grew up in a house with cats -- always at least two, and as an adult have always had cats -- at least two. So, you can imagine that over 50 plus years, I've had the pleasure of knowing and loving a lot of cats. With that in mind, I have to say that Bubba is the sweetest most gentlemanly cat to ever be a part of our cat family. A few years ago, I found this little guy when I was on my way into the side door of the nursing home to visit my dear beautiful mother. He was the most pitiful thing I'd ever seen. He was only a few months old and just absolutely skin and bones. He was lying on a towel that some kind nurse had put by the door for him. He was so sick that the towel was terribly soiled as he was too weak to take care of himself. Even in this awful state, when he saw me walk up, he stood up on his weak little legs as if minding his manners (it's only right and proper to rise when a lady approaches I believe he thought) and began to purr. I kneeled down to pet him, and that was it -- what do they call love at first sight in France -- coup de couer -- I think it means capture the heart? Anyway, he captured mine. He came home with me and after a visit to our kindly vet, he began to grow into the healthy cat he is today -- 5 years later. Those were sad days -- when I found this little kitty. My wonderful stepfather (who had been a loving part of our lives for 25 years) had just died of cancer, and my beautiful sweet mother was slowly dying in the nursing home. So I know it sounds fanciful, but I felt like this little kitty was sent by the angels (or maybe is an angel?) to bring comfort, love, and joy to us, and he always has. During those dark days, I remember a night --  I was lying in bed, not able to sleep, and feeling pretty blue. This little guy gently walked up close to my face, looked at me, and put his little paw on my cheek -- just a soft little pat -- like he was trying to tell me he was sorry and that everything would be okay. Even now, he always walks through life with grace and the sweetest gentle spirit. If he wants to come into the house, he asks politely, no meowing or scratching, just politely stands and waits quietly, and he does the same when he wants back out. He never pushes one of the other cats out the way when he wants to eat; he just patiently waits his turn and never eats more than his share (unlike Jerry aka Fat Cat who I'll introduce you to another day). See that face? Can't you just tell he's a sweet little soul?

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Love you Bubba! 

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