Friday, June 27, 2008

Little & Big Treasures

We love to go thrifting in our family -- even my son. Since we didn't get to go on our trip, we decided to indulge in some retail therapy -- but the frugal kind -- no valet parking at the mall with big hauls from Neimans or the like. We found a few little treasures -- this little wicker chair at a place that you would think (as you drive by) wouldn't be worth going into, but we did, and I got this cute thing for $12.00!
I just love this little black chair -- don't you? I found this at an old auction/warehouse kind of place that has been here for years and years -- $17.00 -- pretty good, don't you think. I've put it in the sewing/workroom/office/studio, aka 'The Creation Room', as Maleah (my oldest granddaughter) calls it.
This is Maleah (in her socker gear) and sister Chloe -- two of my big treasures. Maleah loves to make things; she's an excellent 'beader', among other things, so the new chair will come in handy for her and the others to use when they're in creative moods.
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This sweet little lamp came from the Salvation Army ($1.89), and the shade from a resale shop we love called Deja Vu. I think I paid about $3.00 for the shade. This is going to live in the bedroom the grandchildren use. It has an angel on it, and we're big on angels and fairies and the like around here. Not sure about the bead fringe, but we'll live with it a while and see.


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I almost forgot about this picture that we found for $4.00. My scan of it isn't that great, but you can see how sweet it is. This will go in the playhouse, I think.
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Just one more thing -- we saw this truck as we were leaving one the thrift shops. Isn't it cute, and I love the brick streets that still somehow exist on some of the older streets here in our little Texas town.
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