Friday, July 18, 2008

Art Walk

I'm back home, but sad to say, I lost my camera in St. John. It wasn't a very expensive or particularly good camera, but I really hate that I lost all the pictures I took. Anyway, the lemonade from this lemon is getting a new camera. It came in the mail yesterday -- just in time to take with me on the 'ArtWalk' -- an event that takes place the 3rd Thursday of every month. A city trolley takes those who participate around our downtown area from the art museum to various local galleries and businesses. My son Eric (who took a lot of the pictures) and my granddaughter Maleah went with me, and we had a great time -- ran into old friends, listened to some music, drank a little wine (well, not Maleah, of course), and saw some really great art.

Our first stop was the art museum where we saw some interesting ceramics and Maleah got to make some stamp art.


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Then we went to 'Sealy Flats' which is a really great outdoor music venue right next door to the "Blues Inn" B & B -- both are owned by our friend Rod. He has worked long and hard to remodel this small old hotel which once belonged to my dad. He did an amazing job and has some really great art in the lobby (see below). That's Rod standing up in the center close to the stage.



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Next, we stopped in at the "Black Swan" art gallery where I immediately fell in love with this beautiful painting by a Russian artist whose name I can't remember. Isn't it lovely? I love the contrast of that sapphire blue against the starker shades of white.

Our last stop was at Judith Leister's wonderful little yarn and needlework store which is called 'The Wool & Cotton Shop'. That's Judith in the back. Her business has grown so fast since she opened (just a few months ago) that she's already planning a move into a bigger space just down the street. She is such a lovely person. Maleah attended a sewing class Judith taught at Ft. Concho a few weeks ago, and did a great job starting a traditional embroidery sampler just like those that little girls made when Ft. Concho was a working fort about 150 years ago.

Can you see the little tiny birds in this nest? It's built in the wreath on Judith's front door.

Uncle Eric's holding Maleah up to see the little babies.
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So, here's a view of our art museum from the back as we left Judith's store to walk back to the car. You can't really tell from this picture, but the roofline is designed in the shape of a prairie schooner -- very cool. And look at this windmill which is across the street from the museum -- only in West Texas.


This was such a fun evening -- I'm looking forward to doing it again next month.

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