Sunday, July 20, 2008

Eat a Peach

On my way back to West Texas from East Texas the other day, I stopped in Weatherford and bought a half bushel of their famous Parker County peaches. I love our Texas peaches and think they're some of the best anywhere. Anyway, they weren't quite ripe -- I think they might have been picked too soon, so I've had to leave them spread around on the dining room table for a few days. Every morning, I pick out the ripe ones and do my peach peeling for the day. Don't they look good?


So, here's the way I 'put up' peaches -- to freeze anyway -- preserving is a whole other story.
I like to let them sit in a pan of simmering water for 1 minute. Then, the peel just slips right off with a minimum of fuss; I'm not crazy about peeling things, and this step makes that part a lot easier. Next, cut them up into a 4 c. measuring cup. After 4 cups have accumulated, sprinkle over 1/4 c. sugar and 1 teaspoon Fruit Fresh (to keep them from turning brown), mix that all up, and put into a 1 quart freezer bag. There's something so satisfying knowing that I have a good size stash in my freezer for peach pies, cobblers, ice cream, and of course those good Texas Peach Bellinis -- enough to get me through until next summer's crop is ready.


Steaming peaches.
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A mess but . . .

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. . . worth it!


Here's one of my little peach lovers, youngest granddaughter Zola, cooling off in the back yard. She likes her peaches cooked for a few minutes with a little sugar.


Here's the only picture we have from St. John that turned out worth a darn. It was taken with Maleah's disposable camera at 'Asolare' -- a great restaurant with a beautiful view of Cruz Bay and St. Thomas. We have one more disposable camera to get developed, so maybe there are a few good ones on it -- I hope.


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