Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Beauty Everywhere

Today at noon, there was music in the park -- the Civic League Park. Who knew that right here in our little West Texas town these gorgeous water lilies were growing and blooming in all their stunning glory? Thanks to the diligence of many hard working folks, this water lily garden has been restored and is now known worldwide for its unique collection of water lilies. This is only a few of the pictures my son, Eric, took today at the park after we were entertained by local musicians (from the paper, "Lunch with the Lilies July 30, 2008 at the Civic league park with Ken Landon and a concert by Blues artists Terry Mills & Mark Stevenson" -- pictured above) while we picnicked with family. Aren't they strikingly Monet-ish?



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Aren't these something? They're as big as table tops -- at least 3 feet in diameter -- maybe 4 feet. You just want to sit on one and have an "Alice in Wonderland" tea party.

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Here are some more views of the park. This little fairy land bridge was one of my favorite places when I was young. My children loved it as well and now, their children have discovered it.



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My favorite fairy tale bridge. You just wouldn't think this could be in the middle of the West Texas desert, would you? Well, maybe that startling blue sky would give it away?

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Kj said...

The scenary is just gorgeous and the large lillies take me back to my childhood to when I used to visit gardens with my parents during the summer holidays. It's nice to see a different part of Texas. I'm glad I got to see these, thank you for posting them.


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