Monday, August 25, 2008

Eloise Wilkin


I found this little book, which is illustrated by Eloise Wilkin, at a thrift shop over the weekend. I've been collecting her books for years, so anytime I run across a stack of Golden Books, I stop and sort through them hoping to find one. Her illustrations are so dear and lovely. I read these books to my children and now my grandchildren (when they sit still long enough ;-). I even made outfits for my daughter based on the clothes the children in the books wore -- is that too much? Even all those years ago, I thought most childrens' clothes in shops were badly made, too commercial (Strawberry Shortcake or Holly Hobby) and just not all that cute, and now it's hard to find children's clothes that aren't plastered with Hannah Montana, High School Musical, and Disney stuff -- am I ranting? Anyway, our favorite of Wilkin's books were (and still are) We Help Mommy and We Help Daddy -- so sweet.

Just look at these sweet illustrations from Prayers for Children -- I want to live inside the pages of these books.

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LaurieAnna's Vintage Home said...

Hi Georganne!

Love the old children's books too! They are also great to use in decorating a child's bedroom. I used a illustrations from Golden book to decorate my neices bedroom. Tore out the pages with the pics we loved and framed them....their especially interesting when they have print on the page with the illustration. The down have to tear out pages, unless you scan.

Thanks for sharing - it was great to meet you at the opening!!


Greentwinsmummy said...

Hello :o)
My girls are only 3 so I am lucky in that I have no idea who Hannah Montana is? nor have a clue what High School Musical is,i have seen things with the latter plastered all over them in Woolworths so I assume they are a band or suchlike.
I have a deep loathing of branded things,especially those aimed at young young children :o( There are awful dolls over here called Bratz & I would imagine the market line is they are aimed at young teens but you see tiny wee girls with them :oS

Propelling our children into adulthood is a road fraught with negativity & danger.
I am a complete novice with my Singer sewing machine but I have high hopes lol of making clothes for my girls(I knitted them each a cardigan back awhile,I nearly popped with joy & still do when they wear them out,they look so wholesome & dare i say it traditional in them,not really buzz words for alot of parents)

Thos books are so sweet, theres an author called Shirley Hughes & she does wonderful illustrated books for children,so do Janet & Alan Ahlberg,Peepo is one of my favourites with its wartime feel to the illustraions,clothes drying in front of the fire & baby in a bath tub there too!

Am waffling ooops!
GTM x x x

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