Monday, August 4, 2008

An Evening in Dallas

I'm back in East Texas and looking forward to going into Dallas tomorrow to see Emmylou Harris in concert at the old Majestic Theater. We're spending the night at the Adolphus (pictured above) one of my favorite hotels in the whole wide world. I think I could live there -- kind of like Eloise at the Plaza? Downtown Dallas sure isn't what it used be (neither am I ;-), but it's still kind of fun to go to the original Neiman Marcus (and maybe buy a lipstick -- can't afford much else) and wander around a little -- very little, actually, since it's going to be 100+ degrees again tomorrow. There are also some great restaurants downtown and some interesting bars -- one I remember has the most interesting selection of imported beers -- maybe I can find that one that tasted like pears again. Anyway, I love Emmylou and know the concert will be great. I'll let you know more later in the week-- when I get home. Oh, I almost forgot, we're going to one of our favorite restaurants for late lunch tomorrow -- L'Ancestral. When you enter this little restaurant, you almost feel like you've walked into a bistro in Paris. In fact, the owner is from Paris and is a very congenial host who doesn't mind spending a few minutes at your table chatting about politics, skiing, French culture or whatever -- much fun, and of course the food is magnifique!
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