Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Fear of Knitting

Well, I got rather brave and decided to attempt to make these cute little amigurumi cupcakes (the pattern is free here ; you might have to sign in first) even though the sides are knitted, not crocheted, so I'm a little out of my comfort zone.

Is it just me, or is knitting just a little bit more high brow than crocheting? Just consider the fact that there's Vogue Knitting magazine, but no 'Vogue Crocheting' (that I know of). Not sure why, but it seems that crochet is the needle craft that those of us who are a little deficient in ability choose over the more unforgiving and demanding skill of knitting, you think? For some reason, crocheting is just easier for me, not so intimidating. Maybe it's using only one hook instead of trying to wield those unruly two knitting needles with my 10 thumbs. Or maybe it's my extreme fear of dropped stitches -- I never have figured out how to pick them back up and save my piece from the gaping holes they leave. For whatever reason, crochet is just a kinder gentler art I think -- for me at least. Anyway, last night I gathered up my gumption and sat in front of my computer and watched this how to cast on video, and did manage to get it done. Then I knitted and purled my way through 14 somewhat tedious rows to make the sides of my little cupcake, and I didn't drop one stitch -- although I did get my purl and knit backwards a couple of times, but oh well -- after all, this isn't serious knitting like making an alpaca sweater for your mother in law or something. This morning, I sat in front of my computer again and watched the video (what did we ever do without the internet?) showing how to bind off, and got that done as well -- whew! So, now back to the comfort of crocheting the rest of it.

P. S. There are some wonderful images of women knitting (like the one below) here.

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