Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My Purdle


A friend's sweet adorable daughter called her special pillow her 'purdle' when she was tiny. I thought that was so cute that I started referring to special pillows around our house as purdles. Well, obviously, I'm not little, but (should I admit this?) I do have a special purdle that I like very much. It's just the right size to put under my head in bed at night when I'm reading. The cover is the softest smoothest white cotton, and it has 'Sweet Dreams' hand embroidered on it in blue (as you can see in the pictures). I have had this pillow for years (maybe 20!), so needless to say, it's getting a little threadbare. I've patched and fiddled with it, but I'm afraid it's getting to the point that it needs to be put down? Of course, I've seen this coming, so I've looked for replacements. I even went back to the shop where I bought it -- 'Jabberwocky' in Fredericksburg Texas which is one of my all time favorite shops in the world (the pink toile pillow on my bed also came from there). The lovely owner of the shop (Linda) told me that the little lady who did all their lovely embroidered items had retired years ago. I did find one that was similar and bought it, but it's just not my purdle. So maybe I should try to make one myself? I don't know -- we'll see.

See how tattered and pitiful the poor old thing is, but you can still see the beautiful drawn thread work?

Intended replacement (below) a little rumply; it's been living in the littles' room.
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It is sweet though, isn't it? I suppose I can learn to love it.


Debbies-English-Treasures said...

Yes, they sure are very sweet...
And because they are well loved and cared makes them so much more sweet!
Kisses & hugs
Debbie Moss

Leanne said...

thats so lovely, i want a purdle now! (my first visit here, what a lovely blog!)

Leanne x

Jess said...

what a beautiful purdle!
I love the moon.

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