Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Remember this -- didn't you just love Gilda -- a sad loss. I thought of her and her unforgettable line, "nevermind" from the classic SNL of yore, because our little evening in Dallas fell through. The Emmylou concert was canceled, so nevermind the promised report on that. However, we did go on into town to have lunch at L'Ancestral as planned which is always a treat. Alain, the very nice and friendly owner, chatted with us a bit about his home in the French Alps, and good wines among other things. We all agreed that we wish our government didn't require the addition of sulfites to our wines as the wines in France don't have them and therefore, never have that little bit of a strange taste or make you feel bad. We have been able to bring back a bottle or two of French wine in our suitcases in the past and wish we could bring more (cases?), but -- oh well -- guess we'll just have to go back to France -- soon I hope! To help alleviate our 'homesickness' for France, we went by the liquor store on our way out of town and bought a few bottles of the French wines that Alain had recommended -- sulfites and all -- I'm sure they'll be good -- or at least, I'll think they are just because they're from France ;-).
We also stopped by Central Market to pick up a few things we can't find in our little grocery store here. In fact, I got all the ingredients needed to make Ina Garten's very good Seafood Stew from her Barefoot in Paris cookbook. I've made it before a few times but have always had to substitute frozen seafood for the fresh called for in the recipe as well as leave out the fennel because I can never get it here. I've also substituted bottled clam juice combined with chicken broth when I wasn't in the mood or didn't have time to make the seafood stock from scratch. However, this time, I'm going to really be able to make it according to recipe, so I have high expectations. Actually, it better be really good -- the halibut was $29.99 per lb.!! Anyway, even with all the substitutions, it's always turned out very good, light, and so, oh I don't know -- nourishing I guess -- in only the way soups and stews can be, you know? Because it's so blazing hot right now, I like to serve it just warm/room temperature.

Oh, and call me a glutton (you'd be right), but I stopped at the Farmers Market in Weatherford (pictured above) Saturday on the way here and bought another half bushel of peaches. This time, the freestones were available, and they're soooo good -- better than the semi-clings I got last time. So, I'll be on peach duty later today as they are just about ripe enough now to start 'putting up' in the freezer. I feel another peach cobbler coming on? And I plan to do quite a bit of peach eating just standing over the kitchen sink ;-).

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Poshyarns said...

Oh my, those peaches look so good, I have never seen so many all in one place. I am green with envy.

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