Monday, August 11, 2008

Little Elephant

Here's my little elephant -- I really did finish it over the weekend. His eyes are a little wonky, but I don't think anyone minds -- around here anyway.


Looking out the front door with Buddy (little face -- awwww) -- hoping to see Pa coming home soon.


Attempting to comfort Buddy who is inconsolable (except by offering cookies).

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This was kind of fun to make and a short project which is good for my ADD kind of crafting/crocheting. I'm not really so fond of crocheting things that require too much careful counting, as I want to loll around watching movies/TV while I'm doing it, but this wasn't too bad, so I think I'll try the love birds or cupcakes next.
P. S. Those cute little artichoke tea light holders you can see behind little elephant man in the first picture are also from LaurieAnna's Vintage Home. I love her shop; it's dreamy.


Kj said...

i just love the elephant! i am such a sucker for anything elephant. i find them to be such gentle giants and so smart too. it really is cute.


moonlight_fairy said...

Awwwwww, he turned out to be just precious. You are inspiring me to start crocheting again. It's been a couple of months. I am looking forward to the winter, savory stews, hot chocolate, and ofcourse crocheting. Ahhhhh, Cosy.

Anonymous said...

I don't thinnk he's wonky at all.... love the sweet doggy face. I have yorki=poos reminded me of my little dorkies.


Mom2fur said...

He's so cute! I just love amigurimi (sp?). I don't think his eyes are wonky at all!

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