Monday, September 8, 2008

Blue Red Inspiration

Thinking a little about my blue and red baby blanket and what inspired me to choose those colors led me to these images.
As I mentioned in the same post, I'll watch a movie over and over (even one I don't love) just because I do love the wardrobe and scenes of a character's home. National Velvet is one of those. I do love everything about this movie, not just the settings and clothing, but also the scenery (did you know it was filmed in California?!), the story, the characters -- everything. I remember watching this scene of Elizabeth Taylor wearing the red dress with the blue ribbon years ago, and thinking that I liked that blue ribbon with the red dress and would never have thought of putting the two colors together but have been ever since -- too OCD?

And here's Petrova again -- blue shirt with red vest.

And of course, there's Cath Kidston (whose cheerful designs I love) -- lots of blue and red.

So, I think I'm keeping the red border on the little blue blanket. Whenever I finally get over this stubborn throat thing, I'm going to try to figure out how to do the embroidery on it. Wouldn't a little boat (like the Kidston design below) be sweet?

Oh, and many thanks for your kind comments. I accidentally deleted a couple recently which I'm blaming on my advanced age -- certainly couldn't be because I'm a little dingy now and then.
And speaking of dingy, that reminds me. . . I found the cutest little vintage cottage tea cosy pattern online the other day and forgot to save the location -- imagine that. I know it was on the blog of an Australian crafter. Anyhoo, if anyone knows where I might have found this please let me know. Here's the picture of it.


Bovey Belle said...

Blue and red together are GOOD! I especially like the Cath Kidston stuff (1st pic particularly and the gorgeous crochet-lace ended pillows). I remember National Velvet and have seen it regularly over the years too. If you ever get the chance to read the book, it is so beautifully written.

If you can't get the link for the little cottage pattern, I have something similar amongst my souvenirs - I'll go see if I can hunt it out, just in case.

Kj said...

gosh. i love the children's print with the elephant and the giraffe. do you know where i can find it?


Gigi said...

I wish I did know where to find the elephant print! Cath Kidston's products aren't that available here -- at least I haven't found them to be so. There are a few items on Amazon and Ebay once in a while. I did find a little boat print crib sheet kind of like the one shown on this post, but it is a Pottery Barn product -- oh well . . .

Petticoat Lane said...

I've never watched National Velvet but I'm going to make it my mission seeing as you too loved Ballet Shoes I'm sure I'd love the film.
I'm glad you're keeping the red trim, I think that's what really makes it.
Hope you're throat is feeling better now.
Jane. x

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