Saturday, September 20, 2008

Lars's Blanket

Here's Lars's little blanket with the crib sheet I found at Pottery Barn (a little Cath Kidston or Caroline Zoob?). I think they're kind of sweet together. I tried and tried to embroider his name on the blanket but could not get it to look right -- guess trying to embroider straight lines on a ripple blanket just is above my skill level. Anyway, I don't think Lars will mind, so it's going in the mail to him today.

Maybe I should get to work on a hat for his poor little bald head ;-) next?

I found this little vase at Tuesday Morning the other day.  I learned how to dry hydrangeas from Martha years ago -- strip off the leaves, put them in a vase with a couple of inches of water and that's it -- works every time and they last for years.


Jennie said...

The blankets are lovely. I would have no idea how to embroider on a ripple blanket!
The hydrangeas look really pretty. I didn't even know you could dry them!

Shirley Landis VanScoyk said...

I love dry hydrangeas - and I usually neglect my vase flowers so they become Dry! Roses, too. I have never shopped at Tuesday Morning, although we have them here in PA. If you like vintage looking containers, I suggest going to your Goodwill or your Salvation Army - for as little as 25 cents you can get fabulous vases and pitchers!

MiMi said...

cute babies!

Mia said...

The crochet blanket you have made for Lars is just lovely. I really like the red and blue together, makes me think of Cath Kidston colours.

Thank you for your lovely comment about my finished ripple blanket. It was a joy to crochet, and reading the wonderful comments it has received from fellow bloggers has been equally pleasing.

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