Thursday, September 18, 2008

Most Rotund Cat in the World

I introduced one of our cats, Bubba, the nicest cat in the world, here. He truly is. Here's another member of our cat family -- the most rotund cat in the world -- Jerry. This boy is quite a character. We have to keep the cats' food on top of the dryer in the laundry room -- mostly to keep the constantly hungry Buddy out of it. So while the other cats spend their leisure time out on the porches, under cool shrubs, or stalking some poor squirrel, Jerry spends every minute of every day planted in his bed right beside the dryer guarding the food.
I'm afraid you can't really tell from these pictures of Jerry how corpulent he really is, and it's not easy to get a picture of him standing up as he rarely does. This picture below looks like Jerry posed for it -- well, it might be just a little exagerated ;-).
And here's the sweet little Mary -- maybe the most bashful cat in the world. Actually, I think she might be a little touched as she sort of drools a lot. Poor old thing -- she is a sweety though.


Claire said...

Bless him - Jerry doesn't look happy to have his pic taken - my old cat looked quite like your Mary, only more black in her coat, and she was rather rotund. My young pair are characters though, and Stel loves to drool - she''s got no excuse as she's only 3!

MiMi said...

Hi GiGi! I found your blog by clicking on one of my movie titles in my profile, not realizing what it would do. Well, turns out it shows you other people who also listed that as a favorite movie too. I guess it's obvious that I am a brand new blogger! Oh yeah, the movie was "A Good Year". I just fall in love all over again every time I watch that movie. The scenery is so spectacular. I want to go there one day. I just read your kitty cat posting and loved it. I write about my animals too. I have one cat (kitten) and a dog (12 years old). I like your site and plan to come visit often. Take care!

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