Friday, September 12, 2008

New Friend

I found this cute little guy at the Salvation Army the other day -- for 79 cents! Maleah and I like to go there and dig through all the stuffed toys where we almost always find some little critter who needs a new home. I take them home and throw them in the washer with a cup of vinegar, detergent and fabric softener, send them through two rinse cycles and they're fresh and clean and ready to be loved again.

He might just about be the extent of my Fall decorating this year.

And here's a picture of my room with a view -- where I sit on the couch in the evening looking out these french doors crocheting or still knitting Maleah's blanket. I nearly finished it last night as I flipped back and forth between the Weather Channel and national news channels watching the progress of Ike as he comes barreling toward our gulf coast. God bless all in his path.


Greentwinsmummy said...

Thats it I am on my way :o) to Firefly Cottage :o)
you have a chair with elephants on & its red & its just the most gorgeous chair & I so belong in it :o)
I will knit very quietly & make no noise I promise!
GTM x x x

Leanne said...

what a beautiful room! i could curl up in that lovely comfy chair with a book sooo easily!

Leanne x

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