Friday, September 5, 2008

Feeling Peaked

Not feeling too well the last couple of days -- searing sore throat -- so have been spending more time than usual on the couch crocheting, watching TV (convention mostly) and movies. I had ordered the new version of 'The Ballet Shoes' (based on Neal Streatfield's book) from Netflix when I was still in West Texas with the intention of watching it with my Maleah. However, it didn't come until I'd gotten back here to East Texas, so I watched it by myself last night and loved it -- really charming. You can see the trailer here. The characters are wonderful -- Uncle Gum, Nanny, the assorted boarders, the Fossil sisters and their guardian, Garnie -- all wonderful.
I loved the settings and costumes too -- cosy and homey. I've been known to watch a movie over and over just because I like a character's home or clothes so much. I can see this movie becoming one of those. Don't you love that sweet simple homemade/handknitted look of the clothes (worn by the Fossil girls above)? Even though I'm such a lame knitter (as I whined about here), I'm really thinking about trying my hand at a cardigan. There's just nothing you buy that can equal the look of handmade is there? This is one of the boarders, Theo the dancing teacher, pictured with dancing with Pauline with Petrova and Garnie in the background. I know I've seen this actress before in some period piece playing a wicked woman? Anyway, she was cute in this movie as the slightly aging, good natured, Nigella-esque beauty still looking for love. I read the book so long ago that I don't really remember all the details of the plot, but naturally, there are some differences in the movie. All the same, watching this movie with an in progress crochet project in your lap and some lemony tea with honey (or a toddy ;) nearby is a very nice way to spend a peaked evening or any evening for that matter.
Here's the little blanket I've been working on for Lars -- youngest grandson. I didn't like the pale blue on it's own, so decided to do a border with this red -- not so sure this was a good idea? It got kind of ruffly which might make it too girly looking? I'd also like to embroider his name on it, but have never embroidered on a crocheted item before, so I'm afraid it might look lumpy and wobbly, but I'm going to try it and see -- will let you know how it turns out.


Slice of life said...

Could be used as batmans cloak as well as a blanket?

Greentwinsmummy said...

oo no thats not girly,that blankets stunning! lucky lad!
I havent seen that film but remember reading about it,looks like I would enjoy it :o) I am exactly the same with watching & rewatching things where I like the surroundings! books the same,read & reread over the years :o)
You cannot get that handmade look anywhere else but handmade :o) lol,I think designers like Cath Kidston try really hard but maybe theres somethng where garments are made en mass they lose some soul somewhere along the way.
Hope you feel better soon x

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