Tuesday, September 2, 2008


The extremely adorable Chloe (above) calls her equally adorable cousins her 'cuzbands' which we all (of course!) think is so funny and cute. Anyhoo, here are some of the cuzbands who were around the house over the weekend.

Jordan has adopted the little homeless elephant you might remember from here. He doesn't even seem to mind that he has a gray bottom and blue front (the elephant that is).

Zola -- busy putting Piglet to bed. Oh -- those are my knitting needles and toes you can see on the right side ;-).

Oldest grandson (who likes to remain anonymous) is still a good sport about playing with the shorter ones -- Smilla and Maleah.

Pestering each other -- with Lars looking on.


Taking care of each other.

Three of my five beautiful boys. That's sweet Kelan in front with his dad (my son) and older brother ('Anon.' ;o) on the right).

Men at work -- checking the meat -- that's what guys do, right?

Camera shy daughter during a rare and short quiet moment of crocheting.

Well worn den -- vacated by the cuzbands who've all gone outside to join the 'wild rumpus' -- whew!

My cup runneth over.


missyballance said...

awww! What a beautiful family! I love when the little ones all get together! It's a special bond for sure! (even if one of them is a big one:)

Gigi said...

Oh -- thank you! They really enjoy each other's company.

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