Sunday, October 5, 2008

Finding Good Things

I found these two down comforters at an estate sale the other day -- one for $20 & the other for $12. Aren't they pretty? The dry cleaning cost more than I paid for them, but worth it, I think.
The sale was held in the home of a lady who had apparently loved and collected pretty things for many years. It was a little sad as you could tell by the run down state of the (once very nice) home that she had been ill or too old to take care of things in recent years, and evidently had no one to help her. I went the first day, and it was so crowded that I just kind of squished my way through for a few minutes, found these two comforters on a huge table piled high with linens of every description and left -- too claustrophobic! I did go by again later the next day when it was less crowded and bought an old wicker bench, a few napkins, and a 'Pernod' ashtray -- will post pics later of those.

Close up of the wonderful stitching. . .

This one (below) I've had for a few years -- a flea market find. My daughter has been wanting one like it, so one of the two new ones will go to her. I'll let her choose. It's hard to say which one I like best. The one in the first picture is a little pinker and fluffier, but I love the needlework in the second one.

You can see there's a little difference in the colors, but I love them all.
I found this almost matching euro sham (on the right) at First Monday in Canton a few months ago. It had a spot on the back, so I got a discount on it, but the spot came out. I do love this color. As you can see, I still haven't given up my purdle ;-).

I also found this little blue jug at a resale shop last week. Twice a year, I gather up all the clothes I don't wear any more and take them to 'Deja Vu'. The owner buys them outright which I love -- none of that tedious consignment stuff. So anyway, while she was going through my clothes, I wandered around the shop and found this for $10, so we traded. It looks old and English, I think?


Anonymous said...

I want to go shopping with you.......amazing finds. I will take the comforter that your daughter doesn't pick!!!! Enjoy your finds.

Gigi said...

Hi Barbara,
I have been lucky lately -- haven't I? Thanks for stopping by!

Petticoat Lane said...

They're lovely, beautiful Autumnal colours and it looks great on your bed. The dry cleaning costs were worth it.
Jane. x

Summer by the sea said...

I love your comforters - the colours are so vibrant - Well worth the dry cleaning costs I say - Natalie x

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