Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Needle Book

The other night when my daughter and I went to the quilting class at Judith's, I realized (again) what an unorganized mess my sewing supplies were, so I got online the other day and looked for a needle book pattern. I found one here. Don't you just love people who share free patterns? Anyway, I made a couple of changes -- didn't put the french knot seeds on the front, but cross stitched my initial instead -- in blue of course -- love blue & red together, don't I?

After I did the embroidery on the front, I didn't like the way the inside looked with all those threads and knots (messy, huh?), so I used fusible web to stick another piece of felt onto it before I did the blanket stitch around the edges. I'd never used fusible web before -- I love this stuff. Also, I wanted three 'pages', not two.
Then, I decided a little pocket for a pair of folding scissors would be good, so I attached one to the inside of the back cover. This was a little time consuming (for me anyway) because of the embroidery, but I do think I like the way it turned out -- especially after my recent run of flops. I'm thinking it needs a little button to keep it from falling open, maybe?

I made this little strawberry pincushion too -- from Martha.

Poor little Buddy. I think he's suffering from 'specie confusion'? He behaves very catlike sometimes. Does your dog jump up on tables and perch on the back of chairs? Well anyway, he wanted to help, didn't he? As you can see from all the conglomeration of stuff on the table, this is the "Creation Room' for grandkids as well as my little crafty spot.

Zola likes being on the table too.

And speaking of flops, here's poor old bunny. I'm "bound and determined" (as my mother would say) to finish this little guy, but Lordy, I'm having a time. I finally kind of figured out how to mattress stitch the legs together (2nd one turned out much better than the first), but can't make that work on the body. At last count, I've tried 3 (4?) times to put the body together using various 'creative' stitches. It just turns out looking awful, lumpy and messy. I wish I had a knitting granny or someone to show me how to do this. Any knitting grannies (or otherwise) out there who know how to do this? Boy, that's really calling out to the 'universe', isn't it?
Okay then, more later. . .


Heidi said...

Hi Georganna! Thanks for visiting my blog. Good to meet another Beatrix Potter fan. I love your needlebook and might have to try making this one. I made the Martha strawberry and hope to make a basket of them one day. I always have more ideas than time for them. LOL! Love Buddy! I have a cat that thinks he is a dog so these two would get along.

Hugs ~

Katy ' said...

Very cool blog :)

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