Monday, October 13, 2008

The Roadkill Cafe

Our special this evening -- Flat Rabbit. Auckkk -- don't you hate it when you pour your whole (half?) heart into a project and it still turns out like pooh? I did not enjoy one single minute of this endeavor -- no -- not one. The knitting was hellish, the sewing together was hellish (that tedious cotton yarn!), and the finished product is, well. . . you know. Anyway, I think I'd rather eat a bug than do this again. This is not one of those things that was difficult at times, and pushed your skills and patience to the limit, but when all was said and done, it was worth it because you had something you kind of liked at the end of the day. Oh no, I think the only one who halfway likes this little bunny is Buddy, but he likes everything -- except squirrels and cats ;-), oh, and geckos.

And no, I did not do that scribbling that's all over the table cloth, but I'm thinking I might take up scribbling?

On a more positive note, I do kind of like these soooo easy slippers. They worked up quickly and did not make my brain feel like scrambled eggs when trying to follow the pattern. Oooo, I do need to clean up the Creation Room table and maybe wash Buddy's face, don't I?


Poppins said...

I must say the rabbit is sweet, he reminds me of the piglett in Winnie the Pooh... :)

Glad you liked my photos from Monet's garden. And yes, the interior of the house was fantastic. The Japanese prints were lovely and I wanted to take all of them home with me.


Shirley Landis VanScoyk said...

I sort of love your bunny, but I love all things a little odd

Petticoat Lane said...

I know you're not so keen on your latest creation, but I LOVE him. Not to mention your lovely sweet is he! You're so clever, and the slippers are great.
Jane. x

Firefly said...

What a surprise when I went onto Shirley's blog and saw one of the blogs she followed was something called Firefly Cottage. My blog is called Firefly Photo Files and I use the name Firefly for all my online activities. Always nice to encounted a fellow small light with wings.

moonlight_fairy said...

Well Mom, I think that is the cutest little rabbit ever! What will we name her/him? I forsee a treasured life for this lil' Miss or Mr. Bunny, if my kido's have anything to say about it ;-)

Gigi said...

Wow -- okay then, 'beauty really is in the eye of the beholder'. Guess I just haven't been beholding this little bunny in the right way, i.e. looking at her from a positive view point and not critically, right? Ooo, there's a lesson in there somewhere, isn't there?
Thanks so much everyone,

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