Saturday, October 18, 2008

Well Just Look at This

Well, Miss Petticoat Lane, aren't you just too wonderful for words?! I'm really knocked over by your thoughtfulness -- going to all the trouble to get this cuteness in the first place, then the trouble to wrap it in that cheery bright paper and go stand in line at the post office (arrgghh!) to mail it, not to mention filling out all that tedious customs paperwork and pay the high cost of mailing overseas. And as if that wasn't enough, you included the sweetest note and a Cath Kidston cataglog for me to dream over. Well, I'm just so grateful, and of course, it goes without saying that I love Cath Kidston's happy, colorful designs, and as you know, it's not easy to come by her products over here. It's also not easy to find cute shopping bags -- at least here in my neck of the woods. All the bags I tend to find are boring industrial looking things, with (of course) the name of a grocery store on them -- not pretty. Anyway, I do go on, don't I ;-), but thank you so much -- I'm touched.

I'm hanging it right here in the kitchen, so I'll (hopefully?) remember to grab it as I head out the back door, and, of course, because I can admire it hanging there in plain sight ;-). I do love this Blog World -- lovely, lovely people like this 'Little Miss Jane' out there!
P.S. Those are little red heart lights you can see there -- left from Valentine's Day. I liked them so much I didn't want to take them down -- or was I just lazy?


Tina said...

Ilove your happy blog, and your music selections, I listened to many. Best wishes.

Petticoat Lane said...

So pleased you liked it, you're very welcome. As I said, it's only a token gift but when I read how difficult it is for you to get CK in the States and saw it sat there in the supermarket I had to pick up an extra one for you. x Thought you'd like to browse through the catalogue as well.
I was in a Cath Kidston Store in the city of Bath this morning, now that you would have LOVED!
Take Care.
Jane. x

Sylvia C. said...


hope you've had a great weekend!

Sylvia C.

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