Friday, October 3, 2008

World's Best Mexican Food

This is Armentas, my favorite mexican food restaurant in the world -- really -- even in Mexico. I've lived most of my life just a couple of hours from the border, so I've eaten a lot of mexican food over the years, and Armenta's is the best -- in my humble opinion, that is. You can see from the picture above that if you just happened to drive by Armenta's, and you didn't know how great it is, you might take one look and think you're not so sure you want to go in. It's just a little tiny place in the barrio, but oh my goodness, these people can cook. I'd rather eat here than the fanciest place in town -- not that we have that many -- but still. The outside used to be painted bright, really bright turquoise. I think I liked that better than the more sedate color it is now, but just look at how fun it's decorated inside.

It's really unusual to see it this vacant, but we were there in the middle of the afternoon -- too late for the lunch crowd and too early for dinner.
My most favorite thing (which I almost always order) is the Monterey Chicken Enchiladas -- so good -- corn tortillas rolled up and filled with lots of nice big pieces of chicken and covered with the best gueso sauce and pico, and served, of course, with spanish rice and frijoles. They have the greatest chips and salsa too. The chips are light, fresh and hot, and the salsa is almost so hot it makes you tear up and your nose run, but you will keep eating it anyway because it's so darn good. I would have taken a picture of my beautiful plate, but you know how I am -- too hungry to think of such a thing -- until later that is. I might not be very good at many things, but I'm a really good eater ;-).

Even Bobby Flay and his wife Stephanie March (who's from our little town) rave about how good it is.

J's not really that into Mexican food yet, but we have high hopes for him. He had the chicken strips which are also extremely good -- I sneaked a bite -- he didn't like that.

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Petticoat Lane said...

Gigi, Thanks for stopping by again. The mexican restaurant looks great, what a shame they changed the colour though.
I have a little gift for you, saw it and thought of you! Could you email me your address if you don't mind;
It's only small, but I think you may like it.
Jane. x

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