Thursday, February 18, 2010

Winter Olympics & Fair Isle Ravelympics?

Are you watching the Olympics?  Isn't it amazing?  I'm totally addicted and could sit in front of the TV day and night watching (even the curling ;)) one breathtaking event after the other.

Did you see Shaun White last night?  My gosh, I thought he might exit the earth's atmosphere.  And he has so much fun doing it.

And these two beautiful young women (Julia Mancuso & Lindsay Vonn ) are amazing as well.  I don't know how they do it -- all that speed and the crashing and smashing -- fierce and fearless indeed.

image "Sports Illustrated"

Isn't Apolo Ohno the most likable young man, and he's so smooth on the ice -- just seems to effortlessly sail right by the competitors?  I love this quote from Apolo that I found over at Kristyn's blog yesterday.

And these great athletes are just the tip of the iceberg, aren't they?  There are hundreds of amazing competitors from all over the world.  Of course, being American, I tend to focus more on our athletes, but they're all amazing, and I feel happy for every single winner and disappointed for every one who misses a turn on the slopes or falls on the unforgiving ice.    

So, in the spirit of doing 'hard stuff', I thought I might join the Ravelympics, but first, I wanted to finish up a pair of socks to send to my Leah, so I didn't.  

However, now that I've finished the (fake fair isle) socks for Leah, I'm thinking I might cast on a pair of socks using two colors of yarn.  Yes, two colors of yarn and not stripes but the dreaded color work.

I love the look of fair isle knitting and I love these socks, but the thought of working with all those strands of tangly yarn scares me to death.  I tried two color knitting once when making poor little Bella Bunny, and oh my, it was hellish -- even that little bit.  And you should have seen the back of her poor little pink ears -- a mess.  But in spite of my past failures, and in the spirit of doing one's personal best, I'm going to cast on these Norwegian socks and hope that I (maybe?) get through one by the end of the Olympics, so wish me luck?  I know, big deal, right ;-)?  



P. S.  Reading this beautiful book by Jan Brett (recommended by my sweet daughter) makes me want to do nothing but colorwork -- beautiful illustrations and lots of great knitty things.

Here's a little peek at one of the charming illustrations. 


At Home Mommy Knits said...

We are loving the Olympics over here as well.

Great socks, the color is beautiful.

Jessica said...

Oh My Gosh, the socks that you knitted foe Leah are beautiful! Shes going to love them too! All those lovely bright colors....... love love love!

Fair Isle..... you are a brave/talented woman. Scares me to pieces. I can't imagine a time when I will ever have the patience or tenacity to tackle such a thing but you on the other hand-- that's a different story. You will knock those gorgeous Norwegian socks out lickity split with a wink and smile ;-)

P.S. I'm so glad you like the Jan Bret book. Chloe and I love it too! Like mother like daughter. ~smile~


Jodi said...

Such cute and colorful socks! I love them!

I've really been enjoying the Olympics, too. The skiers are just amazing -- such an inspiring combination of tough as nails, motivated, and gorgeous. All that beautiful long hair...

Good luck with colorwork! It's my Achilles heel.

GardenofDaisies said...

I have enjoyed a few moments from the Olympics, but have not had much time to sit and watch tv this week. I don't know how those speed skaters stay up, it seems they are constantly on their sides. You'd think one of their legs would grow shorter after awhile. :-)
Your socks look gorgeous! I love Jan Brett's illustrations! And I have one Fair Isle knit sweater which I think is so beautiful! But I could never make one.

Jessica said...

We just found the socks in the mail. Maleah LOVES them! I knew she would-- those bright bold colors are so her! As you know ;-) She is wearing them this very second as she watches Nanny McPhee. Perfectly cozy toes on this cold, snowy day! ~smile~
Thank you!


Knitty, Vintage and Rosy said...

Those pink socks are gorgous!

Lisa xo

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