Friday, July 2, 2010

FO, WIP's, TdF, & KAL

Tour de France starts tomorrow (Sat. July 3) morning @ 11:30 a.m. here -- can't wait (utterly geeky about it).  So, as I mentioned, I joined the Ravelry TdF KAL.  Of course, you know I'm a Team Radioshack supporter, so I was happy to learn there was room for me on that KAL team.  I'm a polka dot jersey girl which means I'll be working on finishing up some WIP's over the next 3 weeks.

But first, I wanted to show you these socks I finished the other day.  I love them (rav link)!  Charlene Schurch (the author of this pattern book) is a genius!

Kind of hard to tell the pattern looks like bluebells from this angle, but if I could figure out how to take pictures of my feet upside down, you could see that these look just like beautiful bluebell blossoms.  I looked for a more bluebellish color yarn, but this was the best I could do.  I do love this cotton sock yarn -- very nice!

So, back to the KAL & WIP's.  These are the WIP's I'm going to try to finish during the Tour.

First thing I'm going to finish is this little summer cardi.  I got to the point of putting in the sleeves, and of course, the sleeves are smaller than the sleeve openings, so I got disgusted with it and threw in the 'do later' pile.  So, I will finish this one first. Yes, I will ;-).

And this is Molly (rav link).  Please remind me never to knit another project that requires picking up 214 stitches.  I have tried 3 times and can not get the right number picked up evenly (B. are you out there -- help!).  But I will persevere and finish this if it kills me.

And this is the sweet Tiny Tea Leaves cardi that you can see I just started.  I was about 60% through with another cardi using this yarn, but it was turning out to be way too big (supposed to be a sz. 6 but looked more like a 10), so I frogged it.  I got gauge, so I don't know why the size was so off (this seems to happen to me a lot?).  Anyway, a lot of positive Rav comments about the fit of this pattern, plus it comes in a big range of sizes (up to 12), so I can make one for little sister and big sister.  I emailed a picture of this cute little cardi to the girls yesterday, and they both approved ;-).

If I miraculously manage to finish all of these, I'm going to make this little hat for J.  Isn't it the cutest thing?  He will look so very cool wearing this.  He is so very cool anyway ;-).

(image from the very talented Talitha Kuomi)

So that's my TdF line up.  Will you be watching and knitting?

And what will you be doing this 4th of July weekend -- picnics, fireworks, music in the park?
Out here in country, we have to 'make our own fun' (as my dad used to say), so the day will start out with the Annual Dog Show.  Last time I took Bud Man, he won "Happiest Dog" - hee hee.  I'm not much on dressing up pets, but Bud does have two summer outfits that he said he wouldn't mind wearing for an hour or two. 
Here they are:

What do you think?  This one or . . .

. . . this one?

I think we're leaning toward the first one.  Bud likes the Jimmy Buffet look and thinks the second one is a little too girly ("rhinestones!?" he said ;-).  He wants to give it to his girlfriend Belle Star (a pretty little Yorkie).

And after the dog show, there's a golf cart parade, then later in the evening, the neighborhood picnic and fireworks over the lake.  Fun!

Wishing you a most wonderful weekend with lots of hot dogs, potato salad, devilled eggs & pie!


p.s. Going to see my peeps next week, and then we're all going on to the river, or I should say into the river!  So, be back in a couple of weeks.


Valula Hedgehog said...

Oh my! You have been/are going to be busy!!! Seriously impressed.

I was contemplating the LionBrand shrug but didn't go for it in the end...very glad now because I would have cried if the sleeves didn't fit... :-(

Enjoy your projects and the holidays too!


Firefly said...

Hi Emma! Thanks for stopping by! Maybe the little summer cardi will turn out okay, and you'll decide to go for it after all? I'll keep you posted ;-).

Kristyn Knits said...

Looks like you've got a plan! Now sit down and have some fun!! Have fun with your peeps!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Your socks are amazing!! In fact all your knitting is lovely!

Love Bud's outfit...very cute. :)

Have a great time away! :)

SusanB-knits said...

You could mark (with pins) every 2-4 inches (just an example) and then figure how many stitches you want to pick up between the pins so you can evenly divide out the 214 stitches. Clear? as mud?

Coming my way? I'd love to see you!!

Firefly said...

Hi Susan! Great idea -- this is why you're the knitting guru :-)! I'll be there next week but only for a couple of days. Hopefully, I can stay longer on the way back from the river. Hope to see you & the girls if possible?

Pom Pom said...

Wowie zowie! The knitting is impressive - especially the blue bell socks! Woot woot!
I like the top outfit for cute white pup. A dog show is a great idea!
I shall be pushing swings on the fourth of July. For lunch? Macaroni and cheese? The parents get home in the evening.
I'll miss you! Can't you blog while you're there? Say hi to sweet Jess! I miss her!

Sharon said...

You have your work cut out for you! The little boy's hat is totally cool.

From All Stitched Up said...

You've got soe good plans for the next few weeks. I wish we had a fourth of July celebration here. It's like a ghost town. Everyonr is gone to the shore.
On your little cardi sew the sleeves together then pin it in the armhole. You can ease the extra around. On the 200ish stitches - pick up as many as you can and if it's even your good or add stitches on the first row of knitting. Either will work but have lots of stitces to accomodate the curve.

Firefly said...

Thank you Ladies! Have fun over the weekend!
And B, thanks for the tips. You're a real knitter! Maybe I will be too -- someday ;-)?

Gumbo Lily said...

You sock knitters are something else! All that knittin' is crazy-beautiful! I'm impressed. What else can you do?


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