Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Casting On & "Nanny McPhee Returns"

Thank you all so much for the Annie/scarf love and your input in response to my cardi question -- so kind of you to take the time to leave a comment! 

Anyway, I did make a cardi decision, and of course, I ended up choosing something completely different from any of the patterns I posted about. 

 Here it is so far . . .

I think I've mentioned in past posts how much I love all things Rowan, so using Rowan yarn (Luxury Cotton DK bought 1/2 price! over a year ago) to make this so pretty Rowan pattern (which I've had in my queue for ages) is a real treat.   I'm still working on Paz, but all that seed stitch can get a little tedious, so I'm going back and forth from that to this.   I really like having two things (at least) going at the same time.  Do you have multiple projects going too, or do you manage to stay on task with one thing at a time?

Anyway, hopping down another bunny trail here, I thought of this pretty green yarn when I went to see "Nanny McPhee Returns" the other day.  At the beginning of the movie, pretty Maggie Gylenhal is wearing a grass green coat that is so cute (couldn't find a photo of it).  When I saw it, I had a light bulb moment and thought, "I must dig out my green yarn and make something with it!", so I did and I am. 

I liked this movie for the most part --  loved Maggie G's endearing character, her cute flowery feminine wardrobe, the adorable kids, the charming little English farmhouse, and of course, the enchanting & irrepresible Nanny McPhee.  And actually, I could have really loved this movie if there had only been less emphasis on poop and barf and murderous villains.  Can I just say here that I don't understand why so many of the 'kids' movies' that have come out in recent years have to have so much poop and barf 'humor'?  Remember, even "Charlotte's Web" had some pretty disgusting scenes that were a pretty big turn off (or so I thought) -- the rotty sloppy rat food?  Anyway, sorry to say, "Nanny McPhee Returns" was kind of ruined for me by all the poop and barfing.  I wonder, am I just a lame old girl with an unusually weak stomach, or are some of you bothered by these things too?  I can't help thinking that most of the folks making these movies must be adolescent boys.  And on top of the grossness, why do so many of these new kids' movies also have such dark sinister elements?  I really couldn't even make it through the new "Alice . . ." (or anything from Tim Burton), "Lemony Snicket . . .", among others.  In "Nanny McPhee Returns", the creepy villain is stalked by two female debt collectors who threaten to remove his kidneys and then later, to stuff him, all the while brandishing scary looking surgical instruments.  I really think these scenes would be a little disturbing to my littles, don't you (they disturbed me ;-) and wouldn't the movie just be just as good and so much nicer without them? 

Okay, sermon is over, and here are some photos from the movie's good parts, and there are many good parts.

Don't you love this cute outfit Maggie is wearing?  I love the fair isle vest over the flowery dress -- adorable! 

Maggie (in the same outfit) with the creepy villain.

And isn't the children's bedroom perfect -- love it!

Happy ending (and more cute fair isle vests).

I loved Maggie Smith's character, Mrs. Docherty.  There's a little surprise revealed about her in the end.

I always want Nanny to stay in the end, don't you?  Her leaving is always a little sad -- like saying goodbye to your guardian angel or fairy godmother.

Have you seen it yet?  What did you think?

♥  ♥  ♥


P.S. My little is blogging again after an insanely busy summer.  I love her posts -- so thoughtful and warm and real -- just like her .


stitching under oaks said...

I love the beginnings of your new cute! And that green is wonderful. I will sometimes have a big project going with a small one in the works also...but most of the time, I'm a one knit girl. I haven't seen that movie but I know I'd agree with you on the grossness and the sinster seems to be epidemic these days.

dottycookie said...

I really enjoyed the film (and seriously coveted Maggie Gyllenhaal hairclips) and so did my children - though I can confirm that the threat to "scoop out" the villain did cause my 5 year old some bedtime tears. The toilet humour didn't bother me too much but then I am English ;-) I was interested to see the different title - over here it was called Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang; Emma Thompson is one of my heroines - I always enjoy watching her, and now have a new catchphrase lifted from the film - when my children do something revolting I call them "Deplorable creatures!" which makes them laugh!

Denise said...

I'd like to see that movie but will probably wait for the dvd. We haven't seen the first one either, maybe we should get that too.
Like how the cardi is looking :)

Firefly said...

Thanks Ladies! I so hope this one turns out okay. I think out of 5 cardigans I've made for myself, only 2 of them fit ;(. I'm a little afraid of the poufiness of the pleats around my already poufy middle, but I'm hoping . . . ;).
And 'me too!', Dotty, about the cute hairclips Maggie G. is wearing. And is that a little flowery belt as well -- couldn't tell?

wayside wanderer said...

That is a wonderful shade of green! I love it and it looks like you are off to a good start. I can't wait to see it finished (no pressure though...I have not figured out how to finish everything I start).

Haven't seen the movie but might like to once it is on dvd. I love the shots you included...always like checking out scenery and costuming especially if it is colorful and feminine. I noticed the flowery belt right off. <3

Pom Pom said...

I can tell your cardi is gonna be cool (in a good way, you know!)
I've wanted to see Nanny. I must go. I love the house and the clothes, too. Thanks for the warning about the poop and the barf.

Jessica said...

Yay! I can comment again. Whatever the issue I was having was....has been resolved. I love love love the green sweater. I've really been into that lovely shade of Kelly Green myself lately. Oh and Fair Isle sweaters- Don't even get me started. Constantly hunting them down on ebay(As you know) Thank you Mommy for the link to me and my lame blog. It just doesn't hold a candle to your little spot. I love this cosy space!

Kristyn Knits said...

looking forward to watching your progress. I'm in the process of finishing up lots of projects. so maybe I need to change to a one project girl. :) I haven't seen the movie, but I'm with you on the dislike of the darkness in movies. **and so glad your little is back!!

Firefly said...

Hi Pom,
I think you'll like it. In spite of my ranting about the icky parts, the good outweighs the bad!

Firefly said...

Hi Little Girl! I'm so glad you're finally able to leave comments again!
And link to your what -- your 'lame' blog?! Oh no! Not at all. Not. At. All! I love it and look forward to every post, and I know I'm not the only one!
Anyhoo, guess we better start checking with each other on our ebay fair isle hunt -- might end up bidding against each other -- that would be bad ;-)

Renna said...

I love the pretty green yarn you're using. It's a color which is good year 'round, too.

I've not yet seen the new Nanny McPhee. Since I have no littles around, I'll wait and see this on dvd, like I did the first one. I agree that there's too much bathroom humor in kid's movies; and you may have hit the nail on the head about the adolescent boys writing this stuff! ;-Þ I do look forward to watching it, though. I love all things British, always have, and I really like Emma Thompson, as an actress.

Allison said...

oh i think your new green cardigan is going to be a lovely one!

thanks for sharing about nanny mcphee returns. i had no interest in the movie, but i happened to catch part of the first one on tv over the weekend and was really charmed by it. i loved the sets and clothes.

Firefly said...

Thank you so much for the kind cardi comments!
I watch kids' movies (and read kids' books) all the time -- even when I don't have littles around to watch them with. I think I'm developmentally delayed ^v^.
And you know I'm a lover of all things British too Renna -- I think I caught the bug from the Beatles, Twiggy and Mary Poppins ^v^!

Gumbo Lily said...

What pretty knitted pleats. Is that what they might be called. I so admire all of you knitters. I agree that there is far too much poop and barfing in children's movies. Why? Don't we know enough about it through real life? This movie looks like something I'd enjoy via Netflix.

I think the sinister villains of movies and books must be sinister indeed, saying horrid things about what they would do to the poor children if they don't comply. That's what makes a book or movie good, doesn't it?


Firefly said...

Hi Jody,
Thanks for the kind comments about my cardi -- hope it turns out okay!
And yes, you're right of course. There has to be a villain to make good story -- guess I just wish there could be less graphic description of their evil intentions. Maybe they could just threaten to beat him up rather than the other horridly gruesome things ^v^?

Anonymous said...

LOVE the color of the yarn you are using. I haven't seen this movie, but it looks totally fun! :)
Thanks for popping over to visit me - so happy to meet you!
~ Zuzu

Gabriele Agustini said...

Fabulous, fabulous blog!!
It's my first time here and I love it!!
Thanks for sharing!

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