Saturday, January 29, 2011

La Dame aux Camelias et La Jeune Fille avec une Rose

Just when I thought everything was dull and brown and dead outside, I discovered these sweet little camellias almost entirely hidden away (behind the giant hydrangea that ate the world) on the side of the house.  Aren't they pretty?  And I thought having camellias in the house was especially appropriate right now, as I've felt like La Dame aux Camelias (although, sadly not looking like her ;) coughing & coughing & coughing for the last several weeks -- still ;(.  Anyway, I love that little blue vase.  My parents brought it to me from Murano, Italy years and years ago.  I rarely take it out of the china cabinet because I'm so afraid of breaking it (I have dropsy).  It sits tucked safely away with the champagne flutes we bought when we were in Murano a few years ago.  Silly, I guess, isn't it -- keeping those pretty things put away?  Anyway, that marble topped table the vase is sitting on is one my dad had made from some Carrara marble that had been removed from the walls of the bank where he worked -- during one of those crazy modernizing periods in the 60's.  They probably took the marble off and replaced it with wood paneling!  I feel very blessed to have many things in our house that remind me of my parents and aunts and grandparents -- little treasures holding many memories.

And speaking of treasures, isn't this a sweet photo of one our very most beloved treasures -- our extremely adorable granddaughter Chloe.  And the rose behind her ear was her own idea -- love!  This was Jess's photo for her 'This Moment' post yesterday, and she very kindly let me borrow it.

Have a good weekend!

♥  ♥  ♥



I'd almost forgotten about this photo (hidden behind the teetering stack of books on the bedside table) of the extremely adorable Leah -- also with a red rose.  This picture was taken when she was about 2 (I think?), and she's 11 now -- can't believe it!  Love you so much Lee Lee! 

And please excuse my bad college French ;)!


Jessica said...

One of the many thing I adore about the fact that you are blogging is hearing more of your magical memories. Through your blog I find out the little stories that compose your life. The history & stories behind the heirlooms. I didn't know that about the vase. It's beautiful. I've really been thinking about these little blog world's that you & I have created. I was thinking about what a teasure trove for our kids & grandkids they will be. I wonder if years from now, they'll be logging on to see what their grandma & great grandma were making, thinking, doing. Wouldn't that be amazing!!! Thank you for linking to me ;)


Pom Pom said...

Ah, what a lovely little visit to your elegant world, G. YOU are so beautiful in every way.

Valula said...

G, your vase is beautiful - i was admiring it even before I knew how special it is to you. I think it is wonderful to have special little things in our homes to remind us of loved ones.

Isn't Chloe a little beauty too. I hope that she has her Mum and her Gigi's heart too. x

wayside wanderer said...

Beautiful vase and flowers but the girls are exquisite. :) Sights like these fill the heart.

stitching under oaks said...

I had to laugh because your bad college french beats my bad high school french any day...:) Love the roses and your sweet grand girls. Hope your cough goes away soon...that can wear you out for sure.

From All Stitched Up said...

Your girls are so sweet. Flowers are important to brighten these days.

Tabiboo said...

They truly are very, very beautiful and a dash of red - I find - can brighten any corner.

Nina xxx

Gigi said...

Thank you so much for the kind comments Everyone!

Gumbo Lily said...

I adore those two "rosey treasures" in the pictures. The vase is lovely too, but the girls -- the very best!

Please get well. Eat garlic.

Kristyn Knits said...

love jess' comment. what treasures your blogs are to me. xoxo

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