Friday, May 20, 2011

Lately, I'm Loving . . .

(image via Jeweler's Place)

Well actually, I've been loving friendship bracelets for a long time,-- but only in summer for some reason.  Anyway, I feel the time coming to dig through my jewelry box to see if I can find a couple or 20 (I have a gaudy streak ;).  Mine are pretty plain Jane, but look at these -- tres fancy, eh?  I bet we could make our own -- you think?  Must look into that asap. 

Ta da! -- the first veggie harvested from our 'garden' (aka haphazard patch of mystery veggies) this year.  I actually wanted to plant these so I could fry the blossoms, but just haven't gotten around to it, so we have squash, or a squash .. . so far ;).  Anyway, I just love being able to actually grow food in our back yard and know that it's clean and fresh and ours -- kind of makes me feel all virtuous and earthy somehow ;).

 I threw the one lonesome squash in with some carrots and Panko breaded chicken (all in one pan) and had dinner.  I love one pan cooking!

Have you been seeing a few folks around blog world talking about baked oatmeal lately too?  Well, last night (about midnight), I was reading a yummy sounding description of how to make it and just had to get up then and there and go to the kitchen to make some.  I used this recipe (but subbed frozen blueberries for peaches).  I mixed it all up and put it in the fridge, then this morning when I got up, I put it the oven and 45 minutes later (gave me time to wake up with some coffee), I had this yummy stuff.  You must try it!  It's so good -- waaaay better than the traditional way of cooking oatmeal -- at least I think so ;).

Of course, it didn't hurt it one bit to add a little butter and half & half, mmmmmm!

(image via Arbor Teas)

And I recently discovered a new favorite tea online.  The company is called Arbor Teas and they have a really nice selection of organic teas -- reasonable prices and reasonable shipping too (yay from this country girl!).  I've been loving their organic Vanilla Bean Black Tea -- in fact, I think it's better than Kusmi's Vanilla Bourbon (sorry Kusmi!).  I'm nearly out, so I'm going to order some more of the vanilla and I'd like to try the apricot as well.

Also, I mentioned finding some treasures in my wandering around Texas a few weeks ago, and I think this is the best one of all.

Isn't this just the sweetest thing?!  And I got it for a song (well not really b/c I can't sing ;), but really, I got it for so little that felt guilty -- well almost.  I just love it!

So, let's see . . . what else am I loving at the moment . . . Oh, rain!  It just started to rain on our newly planted grass -- yay!

. . . grow, grow, grow little grass!

And you know how I adore gardenias, but doesn't everyone?  Well, they've been blooming for a couple of weeks now - that fragrance - so lovely!  Anyway, I keep a little posy of them on the bedside table, so I can have sweetly fragrant dreams.

That's my sweet mom and dad in the front photo, and my cute little mommy in the one in back -- what a sweetie she was!  Oh, and Kate Spade perfume -- gardenia of course.  I don't wear it anymore, but I like to spray it on the pillows.  Do they still make that?  I don't know -- must check -- it's so good.

Oh, and just one more thing before I go.

I have been in love with this (well, not exactly this one) Cath Kidston wallpaper for years -- ever since I first saw it in the home of Sam McKechnie in the lovely book, "Home" by Anita Kaushal.  But, although I've loved it for so long, actually getting around to putting in the guest bedroom had been put on the back burner b/c, well . . .  as Mr. FC likes to say, "it's all about money, G" ;).  So anyway, I finally got around to ordering it, and found out they don't make it anymore -- well at least they don't make the exact one I fell in love with years ago.  But, happy to say, they've come out with a new one that's very similar (only difference is that this one has a few blue flowers thrown in with the formerly all pink original version).  Anyway, the very kind young lady I emailed about ordering this sent me this sample of the new version.  What do think?  I think I'm going for it.  I'm thinking if you've loved something for this long, there's a pretty good chance you'll continue to love it, right?  So, I've got to get the guest bath tiled (has carpet now --- yuck) and then the wallpaper is next on the list -- can't wait!

So, I guess that's it for my list of things I'm loving this week.  What about you -- what are you loving at the moment?

Happy Weekend!

♥  ♥  ♥


P. S.  I can't ever decide -- large pics or x-large pics.  What do you think?  These are x-large -- too big?  Idk, I love when other bloggers post big pictures, so  . . .


Peggy said...

I spent my childhood making friendship bracelets! I've always had a creative streak, before crochet there was fimo, and before fimo was friendship bracelets!

Great fun to do, I thoroughly recommend it!

Enjoy! Peg xx

Gigi said...

Hi Peg! You'll have to do a tutorial for us, so we can learn how to make them too. Did you see the ones I linked to with rhinestones and all kinds of bling on them - fun!

Pom Pom said...

I like the big pics!
Pretty wallpaper, G. DO it!
Well, farmer girl, look at you growing food! Clap! Clap!
I have a book about friendship bracelets and I should challenge my little brain to make some. I like hemp bracelets, too. Show us yours!
Love this post because it's very Gigi. (BIG FAT HUG!)

Josie-Mary said...

I love the big pictures :)
The wallpaper is great... go for it!!!

Gumbo Lily said...

The friendship bracelets remind me of Summer Bible Camp. I like them too.

How exciting to be harvesting good food from your garden already. Mine is not even planted yet (soil is too cold).

That oatmeal breakfast looks so good and I'm all for half 'n' half poured over. Yum!

I like the CK wallpaper. She has such fun things.

Right now, I'm loving the time I am spending at the sewing machine, stitching baby quilts. It's been pouring here for days.


P.S. I always like big pictures so I can really look things over.

Jessica said...

So much goodness here!! Yes, so much to love! The wallpaper is beautiful. Can't wait to see it all done! It's going to look like such a cozy little English cottage. The stuff my dreams are made of ;)

Cathy said...

Firstly, I personally like the x-large photos.

Secondly, I really like the manner of posting about an assortment of things. I might have to borrow this idea from you day and do a similar post in the future...if it is okay with you?

Thirdly, memories were stirred, I have made baked oatmeal with blueberries years ago! It was quite good indeed. The breakfast foods are very simple and predictable at my house for the most part.

wayside wanderer said...

So many wonderful things to comment on. I laughed out loud at your saying you have a gaudy streak. I can relate to that!

My oldest daughter wears a wristful of friendship bracelets and they looks so cute and hippy-ish on her.

I LOVE the needlework piece. That is a treasure! And the wallpaper is beeee-yooo-ti-full! Can't wait to see it up.

Your squash dinner looks delish!

Kuki... said...

Just found your site and while scrolling through your posts came across the cross stitched "To Love and Be Loved" sampler. I did that same exact pattern for my mom many, many years ago. She passed away several years ago, and I had forgotten all about it until seeing it on your blog. :) I'm looking to following along your blog.

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