Monday, October 17, 2011

I Used to Sew

When I was about 12, my mom insisted that I learn to sew.  I really wasn't interested, and actually, I didn't like it much, but I learned -- kind of.  My mom and grandmother were both excellent seamstresses (maybe you remember when I talked about my grandmother making college clothes for my mom - just from drawings my mom would send home?), so learning to sew was just something you did in our family.  Once I reluctantly learned to sew (mostly from getting easy to sew patterns and plowing through them with my mom's advice), I found that even though I didn't love it, I could make clothes for myself once in a while (the kinds of things that couldn't be found in local shops) and alter my jeans to make the legs tighter ^v^, so I had to admit knowing how to sew had it's uses.  Even though I didn't sew a lot, I did sew.  But then, when Lovable Darling daughter was born, I began to sew more and more.  I made play sets for summer (remember the little criss cross back ones?), and fancy dresses for Easter and Christmas (I made the pink dress and the white one in the photo above and saved them for LDD's girls to wear some day), school clothes, stuffed toys, oodles of doll clothes, and quilts and on and on.  I even sewed more for myself back then.  But, as life happens, one day I found myself a single working mom, and the sewing stopped along with many other things.  That was a long long time ago. 

Anyway, lately I've been thinking I should start sewing again, but actually, I wasn't sure I could even remember how, so I thought I should wade in slowly.  I found this easy little skirt pattern (over at Ginny's who sews the cutest things for her girls) and had enough fabric stashed away (bought for a quilt) to make one, so I did!  I made it for Chloe who loves to wear dresses and skirts, and I know it's not anything to write home about (although I guess I am), but I think this is the first actual garment I've made in . . . . well, I don't remember when.

Chloe - wearing a dress of course.  Photo taken by LDD.

Anyway, surprisingly, I actually kind of enjoyed it and have already cut out fabric for a little peasant top too (using this pattern).  I think the part of sewing I always disliked most was the mess -- and not having a good place to sew (that is -- some place I could leave the mess if I didn't finish that day).  So yesterday, I decided the 'office' will be my new sewing/studio/yarn/ironing room, and I think that's going to help my sewing juju -- guess we'll see.  

Do you sew, and do you like it, or do you just do it for utilitarian/practical reasons?  Just wondering ^v^.

Happy week to you!

♥ ♥ ♥


Oh, and p.s. -- I added the link to the source for the yellow shawl to my last post -- at the bottom.


Pom Pom said...

I really love sewing WHEN I am at the sewing machine and WHEN I am at the fabric store. The place that stops me in the whole process is the cutting out. That part is so BIG and messy!
I do love the rat a tat tat of the machine and the feel of cotton fabrics.
I like the skirt you made! Go, Gigi, go!
I sewed little outfits for my girls, too. I made Halloween costumes and quilts. Yes, let's start sewing more!
I am so proud of myself because I wrestled with Attic 24's ripple pattern and finally figured it out! Woo hoo!

Gigi said...

I agree Pom -- the cutting out is the worst part, isn't it? And I made Halloween costumes too - fun! Jessie won a contest one year dressed in a Princess Leia costume I'd made from an old sheet ;).
I can't wait to see your ripple! Rippling is one of my favorite things to do!

wayside wanderer said...

My mother is an excellent seamstress, but she did not teach me. Sometimes I want to sew, and I have taught myself a few little things. I made a pair of pajama pants for my youngest and I've sewed straight line sort of things, but that is about all.

The skirt is super cute and I love the added lace around the bottom!

barefoot mama said...

Great job! I finally bought a sewing machine and I'm going to start trying to teach myself. I have always wanted to sew my own things. That's great that you are doing it again. I wish my mom had taught me. Barefoot Mama,TX

Gumbo Lily said...

WooooHoooo! I like your skirt and the dresses from long ago too. I remember the criss-cross play outfits. So wonderful. I learned to sew when I became a new mommy and wanted to try to sew for my children. I did, thanks to my Darling mother-in-law who helped me along and encouraged me.

I like to sew. I do both utilitarian sewing (mending and adjusting things) and I especially like to sew "new" things. At the moment I am still working on a jeans quilt for my youngest son.

You impress me yet again....knitting, crocheting, and now sewing for the grands and everybody! Wow!

I'll build the ark with my Leatherman and you bring your knitting needles, crochet hooks, and sewing machine and we'll all be dry and well-dressed! You can cook too, right?


lunefantasy said...

no seamstress here but a far far away origin...the mother of my grand-mother has sewed professionnaly.
And there is two years ago, I decided to learn by myself.
I use two sort of method, The japanese which is very easy, and the lutterloh because I'm fan of 50th clothes.
At first time, it was not very beautiful but I think now, it's not too bad.

So go Miss, go !!!!!
And if you need some help (I know I'm too far but sometimes...) or models ...

Such a beautiful girl Chloe (hihihi, it's my name too)

Lori ann said...

oh my gosh we are so much alike, i used to sew too, all the time. i made most everything for my babies, and even as they grew. i too lost my motivation after going through divorce and it's never really come back.
i do have a room just for me now and a new machine too, but i still haven't found the motivation. maybe it will be found here!
thank you for sharing this charming post gigi. i love your skirt. :)

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