Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Birds, a Fox & Yarn Along

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We live about 30 miles from "The Bluebird Capital of Texas", but sadly, their population has diminished quite a bit in recent years (like our beautiful fireflies).  However, once in a while I see one, and it's so exciting -- almost like catching a glimpse of a unicorn.  They're just beautiful, aren't they -- that brilliant blue and scarlet throat .  So anyway, when I saw this pretty little teapot with the sweet bluebird on it, I just knew it was meant to come live with me in bluebird territory.

Our everyday dishes have bluebirds too. . . guess I'm a little obsessed.

Can you see him?

Hello Foxy ^v^.  Come for tea?

Don't you miss all the sparkly when the Christmas decorations are put away?  I do, so I've been playing around with lights and sparkle that can stay up year 'round.

More birds . . .  and a fairy.

So anyway, I hesitantly join Yarn Along (thank you Ginny) this week, as my knitting lately has been pretty dismal and not yarning along well at all.  The Chaleur (from last week's Yarn Along) refused to cooperate with me.  I finally got mad at it and put it away -- for now. 

And a ribbed infinity cowl I made (that I really liked) refused to block and insists on drawing up into a wormy looking little thing. 

So, I decided to make some mittens as a Valentine's Day gift (inspired by these).  I wanted to add a little intarsia, but that's not working out very well and they're huge, so I guess I'll finish them and call them prototypes.  At least I can say I've found some yarn I like recently.  I've been loving marled yarns lately (as you can see) and both the blue and brown marl were found at Hobby Lobby the other day.  The brown is 'I Love This Wool'.  It's inexpensive and feels pretty good -- especially good for hard wearing things like mittens.  And the blue is a cotton blend from Bernat.  I think it's called Denim.  It's very soft next to the skin and would probably be nice for kids things.

And reading for this week is the same as last week -- "The Magic Apple Tree" and "Mandy" are sweet charming books and I'm loving both of them.

So, I'm going to hop over to Ginny's and see what good things are going on with all the lovely knitting readers this week.  Bye for now. . .

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Lisa said...

I like the red with the blue on your cowl. And your everyday plates.
As for missing the sparkly things post Christmas - if it were a snowy season here in Connecticut, I think I would. But it's a mild winter we're having and the fancy stuff doesn't seem to fit in, somehow. Of course, I have no idea how folks who live elsewhere manage at holiday time; I just know that here I associate it with snow and cold. (but I am not missing it!)

Jessica Snell said...

Is that the "Mandy" about the little orphan girl and her secret cottage and garden? I love that book!

Renna said...

I'm nuts about birds, and just fell head-over-heels for your little bluebird pot. Seriously, I covet. ;-)

In the 19 years we've lived in our house here in town, I've never once seen a bluebird in our yard, or anyone else's. Five miles out in different directions, I've seen bluebirds in each of my sisters-in-law's yards just about everytime I've visited them. So, you can imagine my excitement, when driving home from church on Sunday, I saw a bluebird flitting across someone's lawn. I exclaimed, "thank you, Lord, for that gift today!". :-)

I love the way you are using your birdcage. I may have to drag mine down from the attic to do something similar. I could identify with your comment about missing the twinkly lights of Christmas. I keep clear lights strung in my silk ficus trees for that reason, too.

A Guyra Girl said...

Isn't it so annoying that certain items you love won't co-operate when being blocked? Drives me batty sometimes. The mittens look gorgeous!

Victoria said...

Adore all your bluebirds! We have seven bluebird houses along our fenceline and look forward to their return each spring.

Mandy is also a favorite of mine!

Bonnie said...

Can you tell me the name of your dish pattern? It's lovely. I was enjoy reading your posts, Gigi.

Natalie said...

I love the bird cage...very unique!


Cheryl said...

I miss the little twinkly fairy lights from Christmas. Your bird cage is lovely. Maybe I should try and set something up. I can see why the marled yarn is so tempting. Beautiful

Pooch said...

The mittens are so cute with your monkey sock color combo. I like your birdcage. I have assorted birds in the living area of our house, although none have the cute twinkle lights.


Pom Pom said...

Oh, I love the mittens! Cozy!
Your dishes are lovely and that bluebird teapot is a keeper for sure!
I'm glad to hear that you occasionally have a knitting slump. Makes me feel so much better!

Gumbo Lily said...

Such pretty things at your house, Gigi. The tea things are lovely. We have bluebirds come through during migration, but they go to the mountains and only stay for a quick stop-over. They do take my breath away when I spot them.

The blue yarn cowl is a lovely color. I immediately thought "denim" when I saw it.


melanie said...

Such a beautiful post, the photos made me feel so cosy :) xxx

DoleValleyGirl said...

Gigi, Thanks for dropping by and leaving a sweet comment on my yarn along contribution. :) This is my first time to visit here and I have to say I love all the quotes along your side bar. Here in Washington state, we have no fireflies (or lightning bugs as we called them growing up on SW PA) -- I miss them, too! Love the mittens on your needles and hope you'll share a photo when you're finished.

Blessings! ~Lisa

Gigi said...

Hello Everyone. Thank you so much for stopping by and taking the time to leave such kind comments.

Jess said...

Hi mom. I love everything! The bluebird tea pot, the cute little fox, & the twinkly fairy lights- they do add a touch of magic, I think ;) You know, I don't think I've ever seen a bluebird!! Anyways, bummed that your blue marled scarf wouldn't cooperate with blocking.

Lori ann said...

hi gigi, i'm enjoying reading everyones yarnalong this week, even though i didn't manage a post. your cowl looks lovely.

i love the sparkly lights, i really like to keep some up year around too. and i LOVE your bluebirds. we have the mountain bluebird near us, i always feel so lucky when we spot one!

wayside wanderer said...

Well, I learned several things from this post that I did not know. I am kinda upset to hear that bluebirds are diminishing. I wonder why that is? It is the saddest news I've heard in a while. I can happily report that I saw two the other day when I dropped Anna off at the stables. They were sitting on the gate and I immediately gave a cry and stopped the car. Anna is used to this behavior. They are sooooo beautiful. I don't want them going away.

And I didn't know the name for that sort of yarn...marl. I like it!

I noticed your christmas lights before you mentioned them and immediately started wondering where I could put some. Do you have tips for us? I saw somewhere a lady used rope lights on the inside of her pantry and somehow wired them into her light switch. I thought that was pretty clever. Your house always look so warm, cozy and inviting. The lighting is always so good.

Hugs to you!

Gigi said...

Well, I hope I'm wrong about the bluebirds dwindling, Leslie! Maybe it's just here in our little patch where there has been so much growth lately. Plus, much to my dismay, living so close to the golf course puts us right in harm's way of all the pesticides, herbicides, etc. they use. Not good for fireflies, bluebirds, or us ;(!

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