Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Storms & Garter Stitch

Heavens -- what a day we had here yesterday!  Storms all over the place.  Last I heard, around 12 tornadoes touched down in Dallas/Ft. Worth and the surrounding areas.  We are in the 'surrounding area' SE of Dallas, but thankfully, we only got a good old spring thunderstorm without all the bad stuff.  As far as I know, there were no fatalities which is pretty miraculous when you look at the damage the storms did - levelled houses, flying vehicles (even tractor trailers really flying through the air), roofs ripped off, and more. Whew!

So anyway, what does a knitting girl do while watching the storms progress creeping nearer and nearer?  Knit garter stitch!  Thank Goodness I have the Annabel cardigan on the needles and had just gotten past separating for the sleeves and on to the mindless therapeutic 'garter stitch for 11inches' part.  So, I sat on the couch, knitting away, watching the weather man, and looking out through the living room windows toward the approaching storm (oh, and praying!).

(Annabel and the roses are from our back yard!)

I've done a little modifying of the neck on this in an attempt to make it look something like this -- found on Pinterest (of course).

(image via crush cul de sac)

I've done the neckline in 1 x 1 rib and I'm only doing two buttons.  Hope it turns out okay.

Anyway, after the storm had passed, I walked out onto the back porch and was greeted by the most amazing golden sky.  Wish I could have gotten a better photo.  It was beautiful.

 I'm joining up with Ginny for Yarn Along again this week (thank you Ginny), so here's what I've been reading . . .

"The Grand Sophy" (Kindle version) which is charming and funny and one of those books that pulls you right in b/c you just can't wait to see what happens as Sophy moves in and begins to transform everyone around her.  Think "Cold Comfort Farm" in a grander setting and different era.

I'm also listening to a very well done Librivox version of "Jane Eyre" on my phone.  I remember reading "Jane Eyre" once when I was young teenager and then again in my 20's, but that was a long time ago (loooong time), so after recently watching the 2011 movie version again (& again & again), I decided  I wanted to read the book again.  I'm so glad I did, as I'd forgotten how lovely Charlotte Bronte's prose is.  I guess it's kind of silly that I'm listening to this book rather than reading it, as I have a lovely copy that was given to me (as part of a set including "Wuthering Heights") by my Aunt Ruth when I was young (she also gave me "To Kill a Mockingbird" when I was in Jr. High -- life changing).  But, I've been listening to it as I walk, and you just can't do that with a real book (at least I can't), so I guess that justifies the audio version.

I just love these pretty old books.  They are treasures to me.

Well, I'm going to hop over to Ginny's to have a peek at what's going on at your house, so bye for now and happy week to you all!

♥ ♥ ♥


Click here for Yarn Along . . .

Oopsie!  I forgot to link up to Yarn Along, but I think it's working now.


Erin Kate said...

Such a pretty post!

Jill Chandler said...

Glad you are better and storms not too bad.

Pom Pom said...

Yikes! I'm glad you are safe, Miss G!
Well, I DO love your cardi. Why can't you be my knitting neighbor? We'd have so much fun watching films and clicking our needles.
I'm going to pop over to Amazon and do a little book buying now. Tee hee!

Nancy said...

Glad that you are OK. I thought about you yesterday as I was keeping up with the storms. My youngest son lives in Dallas and works in Garland. So I was paying close attention while we texted back and forth. Also while praying.
I just love that cardi. I've been looking for a pattern similar to that. Be sure to show us the finished piece.

Gigi said...

Hi Everyone! Thanks for stopping by. Yes, yesterday was wild and Nancy, I'm so glad your son is okay!
♥ ♥ ♥

From All Stitched Up said...

I am so glad to know you are okay. I kept telling myself that Texas is a big state but I was still worried. I love your cardi. It looks easy to wear and easy to knit. Happy Easter

Cheryl said...

Woa. That sounds like some storm. I'm glad you were OK. Oh for mindless knitting. Great progress. I bet when you look at that sweater, you will always think of the storm. It's all knitted in there.

Bonnie said...

Hope you've been feeling better. I love the 2 buttons and the neck of your sweater. It matches that beautiful sky. So glad you are safe.

Lisa said...

I heard about those terrible storms on the radio! Yes, prayer is necessary during a scary time, but there is also a weird fascination with them, so having something to do is helpful.

So, Georgetter Heyer is Margaret Drabble's favorite historical novelist? Will wonders never cease!
I never would have guessed it.

Kristen said...

I did hear about those crazy storms you have had. I'm glad you and your house are still standing!

And you have roses already! We don't have them quite yet here in northern California, but lot's of buds so won't be long.

Thank you for showing my Annabel, it's so pretty. Enjoy your knitting and reading!

stitching under oaks said...

so glad you were safe with all that crazy weather! Love the sweater you're working on...that color is fabulous. I listened to that same recording of Jane Eyre...wonderful book! Maggie and I have it recorded and are waiting for some time to watch the movie. Of course it won't be as good as the book...movies never are! Have a wonderful Easter.

Gumbo Lily said...

I love coming to Firefly Cottage to see what you've been up to. So glad the tornadoes didn't get you. Your knittin' looks lovely and I like the looks of those old books. I just found my 1945 copyright "Heidi" that my mom gave me many years ago. It was once her book.

Big Hug to you, G.

melanie said...

Wow, I am pleased your ok! I hope you enjoy your knitting and your books :)
Happy Easter :) xxx

Cathy said...

Jane Eyre is one of my favorite books of all times. I have been exploring Librivox too; audio books are difficult for me because of all the distractions in my home at this time.

I agree, old books are distinct treasures.

P.S. I think your sweater will be lovely.

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